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Bulk Bag Lifter Frame (Tested to 2 Tonne)

Designed to distribute weight evenly, the Cross-Shaped Bulk Bag Lifter Frame can lift loads weighing up to 2 tonnes. LOLER certified, the Cross-Shaped Bulk Bag Lifter Frame comes with a 6-month guarantee.
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Cleverly designed to distribute weight evenly, the cross-shaped Bulk Bag Lifter Frame can lift a fully loaded FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) weighing an impressive 2 tonnes.

Boasting a higher rate of safety, reliability, and weight capacity, the cross-shaped Bulk Bag Lifter Frame can outperform jigs of a similar size due to the shape of the Lifter Frame.

This is proven by the rigorous testing it receives before distribution. These Bulk Bag Lifter Frames are issued with a 6 month Lloyds British Testing Certificate (LOLER) upon purchase. This additional reassurance does however mean that an additional five working days are added to expected delivery times.

Despite this, the Bulk Bag Lifter Frame is just as easy to use as its nearest competitor. Simply place the handles of the bulk bag being used over the four slip over masts located at the ends of the cross and the bag will be secure enough for use. This goes for most builders bags and FIBCs but it is always worth checking the dimensions of the bulk bags in comparison to the Bulk Bag Lifter Frame.

The external dimensions of this Lifter Frame are 190h X 1000w X 1000d. When this is taken into consideration alongside the 2.5mm thickness of the mild steel it is made from, it is easy to see how the Bulk Bag Lifter Frame can accommodate such heavy loads.

The presence of the hole at the top of the Lifter Frame ingeniously allows for the Bulk Bag Lifter Frame to be used with cranes, forklifts, telescopic loaders, and tractors. This makes this Lifter Frame perfect for construction, demolition, farming, agriculture, and retail industries.

All Lifter Frames are blue unless a request for a different option is requested when ordered. This blue finish offers no additional protection but for more durable alternatives, powder coating and galvanised steel options are available at an extra cost.

As with most products available through Hermeq, the dimensions listed can be adjusted for specific needs upon request.


Delivery times can vary and are stock-dependent. Average delivery times are between 24 hours and 5 working days. With the Bulk Bag Lifter Frame, an additional 5 working days will be added to these delivery times due to the testing it receives upon purchase.

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More Information

Height: 190mm
Width: 1000mm
Depth: 1000mm
Capacity: 2 Tonne