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Mesh Heavy Duty Pedestrian Gate

Heavy duty in-ground pedestrian gates are designed to work alongside our timber & SteelWall hoarding systems. They offer a clear entrance and exit in your hoarding system.
As low as €586.61 €721.53
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HERMEQ in-ground pedestrian gates are available with either a mesh finish, which is lighter weight & allows you to see what is on either side of the gate or a solid clad finish which fully blocks the site from view.

All of our in-ground pedestrian gates are supplied with posts, which are concreted into position, normally using post crete. The gate posts are 600mm longer than the overall height of the gate, giving you a 2600mm or 3000mm post, depending on the size of gate you select.

Pedestrian gates can be provided either painted or powder coated. Painting is not recommended for aesthetic purposes as it can run & chip, although it is the most cost effective solution so you will often find painted pedestrian gates on demolition sites. Powder coating your pedestrian gates is much more durable and gives a better quality finish where appearance is important.