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Hire - Bog Mats

Our Ekki Timber Bog Mats are available For Hire in the UK today! These timber mats are used as a ground protection solution for long term temporary access roads on construction sites or on fragile ground. They mitigate any lasting and damaging impact to the surrounding environment when using heavy machinery and create a more efficient site for workers. The timber can withstand great pressure and its natural strength provides incredible durability and lifespan.

Native to tropical West Africa Ekki Mats are being exported in large quantities, because of their unique and unrivalled quantities. The timber is then processed in saw mills across northern Europe before being exported to the UK.

The timber is able to withstand great pressure. Alongside its natural strength these Ekki timber bog mats have incredible durability & life-span. This means that over time Ekki mats are seen as a worth while purchase, although they cost a little more upfront, as they have a better long term return on investment. Due to the native tropical timber Ekki mats are very weather resistant and are ideally suited for use in wet and windy weather. Ekki Bog Mats also have a high electrical resistance and is perhaps the most acid resistant commercial timber available.

Ekki Bog Mats can be manufactured to bespoke requirements, but the most common bog mat sizes are: 

  • Bog Mat Depths: 70mm -> 200mm 
  • Bog Mat Lengths: 3000mm -> 6000mm 
  • Bog Mat Widths: 1000mm 

The most common bog mats overall are: 

  • 70mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 
  • 100mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 
  • 140mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 
  • 200mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 

Bog Mat Strength Classes

  • Ekki – D70 
  • Okan – D60 
  • Dabema – D50 
  • Oak / Beech (European Hardwood) – D30 
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