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Agricultural Staples


Agricultural Staples are a cost-effective and long-lasting means of safely securing wire mesh in place. Made from high-quality steel, the Agricultural Staples available via Safe Fence are robust and resilient.

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Agricultural Fencing Staples are easy-to-use staples suitable for fixing wire mesh in place on fencing poles and other free-standing fencing solutions.
To use the Agricultural Fencing-Staples, place the staple over the required section of wire mesh and hammer into place. It's that easy! When using the Agricultural Fence Staples, always be sure to conduct a risk assessment beforehand.
Begin by checking that the object that the staple is going to be inserted into can accommodate the staple and the accompanying wire mesh. The Agricultural Fencing Staples should be suitable for most circumstances but it's always best to double-check to avoid any potential accidents.
The Agricultural-Fencing Staples have been professionally tested before being made available for sale. Each option available has achieved BSEN 10244-2 Class A standard classification, confirmation that the Fencing Staples are of the highest quality.
Suitable for use in a wide range of industries alongside agriculture, the Agricultural Fencing Staples are also used on retail parks, construction sites, sports facilities, and car parks.

Agricultural Staples availble:
25 mm x 6.5 mm - 0.5 kg
30 mm x 3.55 mm - 0.5 kg
40 mm x 4 mm - 0.5 kg
50 mm x 5 mm - 0.5 kg
25 mm x 6.5 mm - 1 kg
30 mm x 3.55 mm - 1 kg
40 mm x 4 mm - 1 kg
50 mm x 5 mm - 5 kg
25 mm x 6.5 mm - 5 kg
30 mm x 3.55 mm - 5 kg
40 mm x 4 mm - 5 kg
50 mm x 5 mm - 5 kg
25 mm x 6.5 mm - 10 kg
30 mm x 3.55 mm - 10 kg
40 mm x 4 mm - 10 kg
50 mm x 5 mm - 10 kg

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