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Waste & Spills

There is a range of waste management products and waste equipment available at Hermeq. Our Waste Skips come in a number of sizes and are suitable for general waste, recycling and bulky materials from construction and demolition operations. Tipping Skips are a more heavy duty option ideal for industrial environments and building sites.

Concrete Washout systems allow you to wash off concrete skips and other concrete equipment – we also have environmentally friendly systems available. Pump Trays are mainly used on construction sites and are an easy-to-use method of capturing and disposing of waste. Spillage kits are a mobile way for spill containment and managing leaks on-site from plant and machinery. They provide better environmental protection than metal drop trays as they do not retain water – oils and fuels are turned into solid mass within the textile as soon as the leak takes place.

Other waste disposal products include industrial wheelie bins for waste materials with lifters available to safely lift, move and empty bins. Septic tanks are excellent for dealing with sewage on-site.