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Underground Service Protection

Our Underground Service Protection product range is available to indicate, mark and protect underground services. Cable Protection Tiles are concrete cable route markers used by utility companies to provide clear indication to site staff to underground electrical cables and also act as a protective barrier against damage. Engraved Concrete Service Blocks mark services such as electric cables, high voltage, gas and water that are buried underground. We also have Precast Concrete Marker Posts for Water Hydrants and Electric Cables widely used by utility companies to assist location and identification of underground services. Utility & Pipe Protection Slabs can be used to protect damage cause by above-ground traffic from utilities such as water pipes, gas mains and power cables with interlocking slabs for easy installation. More temporary options are available such as Plastic Manhole Covers and hi-vis, cone-shaped Cable Covers to place over exposed cables are considered best practice on infrastructure projects.

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