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We have a number of site storage and security storage products at Hermeq to meet your needs. For construction materials, we have stillages and pallets which are hugely popular. Plastic pallets can carry both light and heavy loads and are versatile and adaptable for your logistics requirements. Stillages are designed to safely handle and securely store materials on-site such as fencing panels and scaffolding tubes.

We have a range of heavy duty lockers available such as metal lockers, wire mesh lockers, steel lockers and aluminium and plastic lockers. Industrial lockers are perfect for safely storing items in industrial and commercial environments. Industrial Steel Shelving & Racking is a heavy duty but less secure, efficient storage option for contemporary products.

Steel Drums are often used in fence lines to fill with ballast and act as counterweight when installing fencing systems. IBCs are a cost effective and environmentally friendly option for storing and transporting water and other liquids/chemicals on-site.


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