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Post Pallet


Post Pallets are designed for storing Scaffold Tubes, Scaffold Boards and most scaffold fixings on construction sites or warehouses where scaffolding equipment needs to be organised and easily accessible.

Stillages are also widely used when lifting heavy materials.

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Post Pallets are commonly used in the scaffolding industry for storing tube and scaffolding-related equipment. Provides a structured storage solution to keep scaffold tubes and boards neatly organised. This makes it easier to locate and access specific items when needed reducing downtime and improving productivity on your site.

Post Pallet Stillages optimise space by maximising storage capacity in your warehouse or construction yard. Additionally, the sturdy construction of our Post Pallet Stillages prevent tubes and boards from shifting or falling reducing the risk of accidents and costly repairs.

Designed for easy handling to facilitate safe and efficient loading, unloading and transportation.

Our post pallets are lightweight while being able to carry significant amounts of material – this makes them perfect for helping to transport your materials easily with forklift and pallet handling equipment.

You can easily stack pallets on top of one another allowing you to maximise your vital storage space on site or in your yard.

Commonly used in industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses and construction yards.

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Scaffolding Equipment, Ladders & Jacks, Building Equipment & Accessories conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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Our post pallets are manufactured in the Midlands using 2.5mm Hot Rolled Square Hollow Section Steel. 

Each post pallet weighs between 20 - 25kg. 

Square post pallet feet allow the post pallets to be stacked 4 high on top of one another. 

Note* - Our post pallets are not capped on the top of the upright sqaure hollow section arms. .