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MASCOT® Mannheim - Two Tone Trousers

The black and dark anthracite-coloured Mascot Mannheim Trousers with Kneepad Pockets are durable and stylish workplace trousers.
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The Mascot Mannheim Trousers with Kneepad Pockets are the quintessential choice of workplace trouser. A robust and durable product, the Mannheim Trousers effortlessly combines comfort and quality.
Created with workers in tough professions in mind, the Mannheim Trousers are commonly used by mechanics and plumbers. They are also a permanent fixture in the engineering, mechanics, and logistics industries, industries that make the most of their durability and impressive product life. When combined with separately sold knee-pads such as the 20118-915 Complete Kneepads, the Mascot Mannheim Trousers protect the wearer's knees when kneeling. Although the Mannheim Trousers with Kneepad Pockets can be worn like any normal pair of trouser bottoms, if they are combined with knee pads they adequately meetEN 14404 standard requirements.
In order to achieve their EN 14404 standard certification, the Mannheim Trousers have been through rigorous tests with knee-pads in the kneepad pockets. These tests guarantee that the combination of the two will provide high levels of impact absorption, penetration resistance, and a high standard of pressure distribution.
The installation of the knee pads couldn't be easier. Simply slide the knee pad of choice into the kneepad pocket through the pocket entrance at the top of the knee-pad pocket and return the dirt preventing flap to its original position.

Accommodating knee pads of many shapes and sizes, the knee-pad pockets on the Mascot Mannheim Trousers with Kneepad Pockets are adjustable, allowing the use of most knee pads on the market. Created for endurance, comfort, and practicality, the lightweight Mannheim Trousers are made from a cotton and polyester blend that is both long-lasting and wearer friendly. Mascot has developed more than just workwear products over the years. Developing a highly regarded reputation, the Mascot name has become synonymous with premium products. Many of these products are also available via HERMEQ such as the 50569-961-11010 Mascot Bottrop Polo Shirt and the 15502-246-1709 Mascot Blackpool Softshell Jacket.

Featuring triple-stitched seams across the crotch and legs, the Mannheim Trousers and reinforced to improve the durability of the trouser bottoms. As mentioned previously, the Mascot Trouser has not only been designed for durability but also for comfort. This is further proven with the way the Mannheim Trousers have been designed to fit the specific wearer's leg, preventing any chances of irritation. The Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets are suitable for all genders and sizes, making them suitable for all wearers regardless of build. Belt loops and the low waist and form cut waistband have been added to provide extra comfort and support, allowing the use of an additional belt.
The legs of the trousers feature reflective material for added visibility in areas of low lighting, a small touch that means a lot in dangerous situations.

The visibility of the wearer can be increased further with the use of additional Mascot products such as the 50130-933-17010 Mascot Murton Polo Shirt, which is also available via HERMEQ.
High-quality products and the Mascot name go hand in hand or in this case knee pad in knee pad pocket and it's obvious that Mascot has taken as many things into consideration as possible.

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Contact our team via phone 01-8063798, email or use our live chat feature between 8:00am & 17:00pm for help discovering our range.