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Portwest Fall Arrest Kit


Ensure your safety against falls when working at height with this handy fall protection kit comprising of a harness, single lanyard with shock absorber, and a carry bag.

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Falls are one of the most common causes of serious injuries in the workplace and on site, that is why we offer only the best Fall Protection systems certified to the relevant standards.

Stay safe working at heights with this 2-part Fall Protection kit comprising of:

  1. 2 Point harness with dorsal D Ring,
  2. Single Lanyard with shock absorber,
  3. Nylon bag for easy storage, transport and safety.

Features of the Harness:

The Harness is made with strong but lightweight polyester webbing to provide the wearer with confidence whilst working at height without obstructing the wearer from carrying out the task at hand. The Harness has a sliding rear/ dorsal D-Ring, and two chest loops. For the wearers additional comfort there is a quick release and adjustable chest strap and adjustable leg straps. This means that the wearer can layer up to protect against the elements without compromising on comfort or safety with items such as the Sealtex Ultra Coverall, Hi-Vis Poly-cotton Trousers, and/or Hi-Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket.

The harness is certified to EN 361 which gives the wearer the assurance that harness will hold the wearer in place and spread the load in case of a fall scenario, even after being brought to a stop after a period of free-fall. The test includes fitting a 100KG solid torso dummy into the harness attached to a 2-meter rope. The dummy is then released over 4 meters. The test is carried out twice on each harness attachment, once from a head up position and another time from a head-down position. The harness passes the and becomes certified to EN 361 when the dummy is held in a position not exceeding 50 degrees form the upright position. In short, the wearer can absolutely rely on the performance and safety of this harness!

Features of the Shock-absorbing single lanyard:

This lanyard is 180 cm in total, comprised of a 120cm rope, a tear open energy absorber to cushion a fall, and a snap hook and scaffold hook for attachment. The lanyard is certified to the following standards:

  • EN 354 – Tests the performance of five key attributes for the lanyard:
  1. Conditions: tests conducted to measure the robustness of the lanyard at various temperatures and moisture levels
  2. Slippage: Tests conducted to measure the amount the lanyard stretched or slips in length after being placed under constant strength
  3. Static strength: Has to withstand 22kN which is 2.5 times the strength requirement to allow for any weakening of the rope due to use
  4. Dynamic: Measures the performance and strength of the lanyard when a 100KG weight is dropped from a 2 meters height and dropped 4 meters
  5. Corrosion: Measures the corrosion of the metal component when exposed to salt spray for a 48 hours period.
  • EN 364 – Test the performance of the connectors for strength and functionality of the gate locking system
  • EN 355 – Measures the performance of the energy absorber:
  1. Dynamic: Measures the performance and strength of the shock absorber when subjected to a weighted drop test using a solid mass of 100KG. The shock absorber is required to deploy but no beyond a max length of 1.75 meters.
  2. Static Strength: Subjected to 15kN tensile force of at least 3 minutes. This is to ensure the breaking strength of the product is in excess of the force specified by the standard.
  3. Corrosion: Measures the resistance to environmental corrosion of the metal component when exposed to saltwater mist for up to a 48 hours period.

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