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Walkthrough Crowd Barrier - Advanced


Advanced Walkthrough Crowd Barriers are manufactured with a spring loaded gate in order to help control pedestrian access on construction sites and at events. The walkthrough barriers are connected to standard crowd control barriers using the hooks & eyes on each end and are powder coated red to increase their visibility to the public & members of staff.

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Walkthrough barriers have become increasingly popular over the last few years. In particular our advanced walkthrough barriers is particularly popular because it incorporates a gate to help maintain crowd control. As standard all of our advanced walkthroughs are also fitted with spring loaded hinges. This means that the gate offers some resistance when it is opened and automatically closes itself. The advanced walkthrough barriers are also fit with a bottom bar to increase the structural integrity of the walkthrough barrier and increase their life span on site.

Walkthrough barriers give you the versatility of having a strong crowd control system, while having specific safe access points. They have helped to address some of the key health and safety issues surrounding crowd and pedestrian control by giving you definitive entry / exit points. Our walkthrough crowd control barriers fit alongside both fixed leg pedestrian barrier and loose leg pedestrian barrier systems.

We have chosen this barrier because it is a round top walkthrough barrier, rather than a square top. By choosing a round top you reduce the number of joins and therefore eliminate weak spots. This should increase the lifespan of your Walkthrough Barriers. Although we want to see you again soon, we wont sacrifice quality so that you need to come back sooner then you’d like to!

Our advanced walkthrough crowd control barrier is fitted with a bottom bar, holding the frame together more securely, and a spring loaded gate with a slam plate. As a cheaper alternative we also sell a basic walkthrough crowd barrier that is not fitted with a bottom bar, spring loaded gate or slam plate.

Pedestrian Safety on Construction Sites

The movement of plant, vehicles and pedestrians presents a significant hazard on larger projects. Sites must be organised so that pedestrians and vehicles can move around safely. The routes around the site need to be suitable for the people and vehicles using them.

Effective controls include:

  • separation of pedestrians from vehicle routes by fencing etc.
  • wide enough routes for the expected usage
  • routes positioned to allow easy access to work areas
  • steps to ensure safety at vehicle route crossing points
  • clearly marked routes that are well signed

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Crowd Control Barriers, Traffic Management Equipment, Water Filled Barriers & Road Signs conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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Height: 2.0m
Width: 2.3m (with 990mm gap for pedestrian crossing point)
Weight: 22kg
Finish: Powder Coated Red
Tubular frame: 38.1mm dia / 1.2mm gauge circular hollow section
Tube infills: 12.7mm dia circular hollow section

Hook and eye system for easily connecting Walkthrough barriers, directly to standard fixed and loose leg crowd control barriers.

1.2mm thick / 38.1mm dia Galvanised tube makes up the frame of the barrier

Split offset leg system adds stability and makes the barriers easy to stack together.

Top tube punched, 15 infill bars spaced at 130mm intervals slotted in and welded to the bottom of the frame.

If you would like them painted another colour or powder coated the please get in touch and we should be able to help. .