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Security (Anti-Tamper) Fence Clip


Security Fence Clips, also known as Anti-Tamper Couplers, are designed to connect Temporary Fence Panels together with an added layer of security as the clips can only be tightened and undone using a special anti-tamper tool.

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HERMEQ are suppliers of both the standard fence clip (coupler) and this high security anti-tamper fence clip (anti-tamper coupler).

The standard fence clip provides a budget cost effective way of connecting your temporary fencing panels together. In comparison the security (anti-tamper) fence clip is a more secure solution. This is because the nut that tightens the standard coupler is open. This means that someone can reach through the fence line and undo this coupler, allowing them to undo the connectors and open up the fence line. 

In comparison the security fence clip has a specially designed nut and a security housing. In order to tighten or loosen the anti-tamper clip you require a anti-tamper spanner. These come fit with a male head that can connect to the female part of the security (anti-tamper) fence clip nut. Once this tool is used to tighten the clip it is then housed within the security housing. This means that people cannot gain access to the nut to undo it, unless they also have an anti-tamper spanner. 

The result is a much more secure temporary fencing system, which better secures your site against intruders. Where security is a concern we recommend favouring the security (anti-tamper) fence clip over the standardised coupler. 

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of AccessoriesTemporary FencingMesh Fencing & Permanent Fencing conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations. 

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