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Hearing Protective Earplugs

Designed to comfortably reduce the noise heard by the wearer, these high-quality Ear Plugs are perfect for on-site use. This pack of 5 pairs of Ear Plugs is to refill Ear Plug Dispensers.
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The Portwest pack of Ear Plugs contains 5 pairs of noise-cancelling Ear Plugs guaranteed to fit all ears with their one size fits all design.
In industries where high noise levels can cause hearing loss or damage, the Portwest Ear Plugs provide an effective noise-cancelling solution.
Suitable for use in all industries, the Ear Plugs and the Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack (5 Pairs) can be used in all environments, from retail and hospitality to factories and railways.
Ear Plugs have always been used to protect the user's hearing from being damaged. However, it is imperative that the user remains aware of their surroundings when using them to avoid dangers they may not hear coming towards them.
Comfortable and lightweight, the Ear Plugs in the Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack (5 Pairs) are made from slow-recovery foam, making it possible for them to rest comfortably in the ear without causing irritation.
The Ear Plugs have been marked with CE-CAT III classification, making them suitable for use in the European Economic Area, having passed their health and safety requirements.
Achieving EN 352-2 SNR 34dB classification, the Ear Plugs are capable of decreasing noise by 34dB.