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Sequential Taper Lamp

One of the most effective and popular traffic cone lamps on the market – the Sequential Lighting Taper Lamp is used to safely and smartly manage the flow of traffic when designating routes at night on roads such as motorways or dual carriageways. The lamps are easily attached to traffic cones along your road and communicate with one another using infra-red transmission to produce a series of flashes to guide drivers. No keys or tools are required to set up and we have batteries available to provide an incredible lifespan of up to 2000 hrs of lighting.
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The Sequential Lighting LED Taper Lamp is one of the best-selling traffic cone lamps on the market. It's innovative sequential lighting function facilitates more effective incident and traffic management at night when assisting drivers through roadworks.

These self-synchronising lamps are easy to deploy by simply attaching firmly to your traffic cone with the cone bracket and automatically switching on when mounted. Sequential Cone Lamps are designed to be set up alongside one another – generally along motorways or dual carriageways – communicating with each other to produce a series of LED light flashes that flows away from traffic to guide them down a designated route. Between flashes, each lamp will remain partially illuminated to further assist drivers as they move along the road – this functions with a static amber backup light to provide continuous lighting along the way.

When bought in bulk, the lamps can be placed in any position or sequence on the road when attached to traffic cones to enable them to communicate and do not require any assembly. A red LED light is in place at the rear of each lamp to provide a clear indication of when each lamp is synchronised and ready to operate using infra-red transmission.

Sequential Cone Lamps are most popular when vehicles need to be led off traffic lanes such as guiding drivers off exits, lane closures and for incident management such as accidents.

Each lamp is sold individually and no keys or tools are required to replace batteries. We have two batteries available for this lamp – Premium 800 and Konstant 45 batteries, which are both available to buy. These batteries both have differing lifespans with the Premium 800 offering a greater operating time.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 285mm | Width: 195mm | Depth: 220mm

Product Specifications:

Operating Voltage 6V
Light Source 1 LED
Light Colour Amber
Weight 0.7KG
Eff. Light Intensity 100cd
Operating Time

Premium 800: 600 hours

Konstant 45: 2000 hours

Fully BS 3143 pt 2 and EN 12352 compliant

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