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Combiform Screed Rail 2200mm


Screed Rails are used to lay even floors. Used as a guiding tool they are laid down for concrete floors, making levelling floors easier and more accurate, creating a smoother and more durable floor. Acting as a crack inducer and expansion joint, the screed rail allows continuous pouring between bays, saving time and labour costs. Made of steel, these screed rails are lightweight high strength rails that maintain their structure and shape in both hot and cold temperatures and have a static load capacity of up to 600KG.

All Screed Rails are 2200mm long.

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Saving time and money these screed rails ensure the laying of concrete floors are executed accurately and evenly, resulting in smooth and flat concrete floors that are ready to use. Used in the early stages of casting concrete these screed rails combine accuracy, stability and lightweight to create a quality casting of concrete floors.

Acting as a crack inducer and expansion joint the screed rails eliminate the need for saw cuts as they are designed to induce controlled cracks at specific locations and designed to safely absorb temperature-induced expansion and contraction of building materials.

Due to its formwork (temporary mould) the screed rails allow for continuous pouring between the bays, saving both time and labour costs. Made from steel, the screed rails have a much high strength tenacity compared to alternatives and have a static load capacity of up to 600kg.

Even in both hot and cold temperatures, these screed rails maintain their shape and structure, eliminating any margin of error and ultimately creating quality flooring.

Product Features:

  • Leave in place screed rail
  • Formwork allows for continuous pouring, saving time
  • Dowel bar holder
  • Stackable
  • Suitable for all beddings – inside or outside
  • Accurate levelling – minimum finishing work
  • Lightweight
  • High strength – Up to 600kg static load capacity
  • Can be used in hot and cold temperatures
  • Controlled crack allocation
  • Ready to use floor – after use

Product Dimensions:

Type Height (mm) Width(mm) H1 (mm) H2 (mm) H3 (mm) Length (mm) Weight/rail (KG) Static Load Capacity (KG)
C25 25 80 - - - 2200 1.8 100 (Support c-c600mm)
C45 45 90 30 - - 2200 2.0 200 (Support c-c1100mm)
C65 65 105 28 47 - 2200 2.4 300 (Support c-c 1100mm)
C85 85 115 31 49 67 2200 2.9 300 (Support c-c 1100mm)
C105 105 130 32 53 88 2200 3.5 400 (Support c-c1100mm)
C125 125 135 32 64 109 2200 4.2 600 (Support c-c 1100mm)
C145 145 160 32 75 127 2200 5.1 600 (Support c-c 1100mm)

Note: Temperature range -30°C to + 80°C


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