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Composite Road Plate - 44 Tonnes


LowPro 15/05 Composite Road Plate tested to a vehicle weight of 44 tonnes over a 700mm trench. This modular system is made up of light inner & end sections that allow this trench cover to be installed by two people. The price given is for each inner section & additional end sections can be added if required.

€271.78 €334.29

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Composite road plates offer an alternative to traditional steel road plates. One of the largest benefits is that there is no need for heavy lifting equipment that is required to lift steel road plates into place. These composite road plates only weigh 42kg, allowing them to be installed in minutes with only two people. The modular system also makes for a more flexible system as you can build the composite road plate to fit the length of the trench exactly, removing areas that are potentially left open as hazards, due to traditionally road plates not fitting correctly.

The modular system is built up in road plate inner sections & end sections may be added if required, although they are not mandatory. The system incorporates heavy-duty locking connectors that lock the road plates securely together. End sections are also equipped with anchor holes to accommodate for securing them to the roadway.

This composite trench cover system has flexible edges and lateral lock drop pins to prevent the road plate trench cover from sliding out of position. The lateral lock drop pins sit underneath the composite road plate on either side, within the trench, & prevent the inner plates from moving laterally. In addition, the underside and edges of the road plate system are made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface and reduces unwanted movement further.

The anti-skid surface on the top of the composite road plate also surpasses the current road plate standards, providing excellent traction in poor conditions for both vehicles and pedestrians. We also offer an innovative flexible edge, which reduces unwanted noise, improving the quality of life in residential areas. The high-visibility yellow surface also makes the potential hazard more visible and also crucially acts as a form of traffic calming as traffic slows before passing over the composite road plate.

When road plates are concerned quality is paramount as they are a health and safety-critical piece of kit. All of our composite road plates and trench covers are manufactured in the Ireland to the highest quality standards, making them both durable and reliable.

Pre-Installation Instructions:

  • Check top surface of Road Plate for any signs of damage
  • Ensure all drop pins are moving freely
  • Check linking plate bolts are tight on top

Recommended Installation Kit:

  • SDS hammer drill
  • SDS 22mm drill bit
  • Torque wrench
  • M16 bolts

Installation Steps:

  1. Ensure the trench width is 700mm maximum for a 44 tonne load. Assess trench stability prior to install
  2. Sweep the area around the trench to remove any debris
  3. 2 Person lift & lower plates into position (do not throw or drop the plates on the edge)
  4. Place the first inner section of the modular system centrally over the trench, using centre line mark as a guide
  5. Lower the next plate at an angle so the connectors fit into the slots
  6. When the connectors are in the slots carefully lower the plate
  7. Repeat the previous steps until the entire trench is covered by inner road plate sections
  8. Use M16 bolts to secure the end plate to the road if required (note road plate end sections should not be placed over the trench

HERMEQ stock a wide range of Ground Mats, Bog Mats, Trench Covers & Road Plates conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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Road Plate (Inner Piece) 

  • Length (end to end) - 1500mm 
  • Width - 500mm 
  • Weight - 42Kg 
  • Colour - Yellow & black as standard

End Plate (End Piece) 

  • Length (end to end) - 1500mm 
  • Width - 500mm 
  • Weight - 23Kg 
  • Colour - Yellow