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Passerelle - Temporary Bridge


The Temporary Bridge Passerelle is a temporary footbridge designed for heavy-duty industrial use in construction.

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The Temporary Bridge Passerelle is a lightweight and durable temporary bridge solution perfect for use in demanding environments.

Safe and reliable, the Temporary Bridge has been expertly manufactured with health and safety as one of the main considerations.

The Temporary Bridge has been created with an anti-slip surface, making it suitable for safe use in all weather conditions. A small feature that makes all the difference, the anti-slip surface helps to prevent accidents and injury with ease.

The transportation and storage of the Temporary Bridge could not be simpler thanks to the inclusion of lifting hooks that make the process quicker, easier, and safer.

The durable yet lightweight aluminium bridge is light enough to be lifted and relocated while remaining robust and sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty prolonged use.

The design of the Temporary Bridge has additional fold-away handrails to aid the assembly and transportation of the Temporary Bridge, further minimising assembly times.

The Temporary Bridge has also been created as a stackable product. This simple yet highly effective feature not only allows the Temporary Bridge to remain easy to store but also benefits the transportation process, as the bridge can be stacked in transit.

The high integrated toe board acts as a protective barrier to prevent users from stepping over the side, another example of the health and safety considerations made during the manufacture of the Temporary-Bridge.

The Temporary Bridge is available in 4 different lengths with the following sizes available to order via HERMEQ:

  • 2 metre
  • 3 metre
  • 4 metre
  • 6 metre

Each of these sizes has a different max load capacity, all details of which can be found beneath this product description.

In order to comply with common health and safety requirements, the following list should be adhered to:

  • Before use, always conduct a thorough risk assessment that ensures the Temporary Bridge is suitable for use in the desired location, that the Temp-Bridge is not damaged in any way, and that the bridge max load capacity will not be exceeded when in use.
  • The risk assessment should always consider the potential risks of the surrounding environment, the possibility of fall hazards during installation and use, the possibility of all other hazards during installation and dismantling, the max load capacity, and any other potential issues that could arise.
  • Damaged or rusty components should be treated immediately in order to minimise the risk of accident or injury.

The Temporary-Bridge has not been designed to withstand vehicle impact and should not be used with vehicles in any circumstances.

The weather conditions in which the Temporary Bridge will be used should also be a continuous consideration as hazardous weather conditions could influence the safety of the Temp-Bridge.

The Temporary-Bridge comes highly recommended by HERMEQ. Having been sourced from leading Ireland manufacturers, the Temporary Bridge is one of the leading Temp-Bridges available for purchase.

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Temporary Bridge 2 metre

Length: 2000 mm

Width: 1300 mm

Height: 1201 mm

Weight: 72 kg

Max distributed load: 1850 kg


Temporary Bridge 3 metre

Length: 3000 mm

Width: 1300 mm

Height: 1201 mm

Weight: 110 kg

Max distributed load: 1750 kg


Temporary Bridge 4 metre

Length: 4000 mm

Width: 1300 mm

Height: 1201 mm

Weight: 142 kg

Max distributed load: 1500 kg


Temporary Bridge 6 metre

Length: 6000 mm

Width: 1300 mm

Height: 1201 mm

Weight: 207 kg

Max distributed load: 850 kg