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Estate Railings – Calculator


HERMEQ are suppliers of quality estate railings, commonly found around country homes and more recently incredibly popular on new build housing projects.

All of our estate railings come in 2 meter wide x 1 meter high bays & are simply connected together using fixings supplies.

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Estate Railings are sold in 2-meter-wide bays. Each of these bays has three vertical flats (40mm x 8mm), two of these run down either side of the bay and the third run down the middle, increasing the strength and durability of the estate railing panel. These estate railings are also manufactured using 20mm diameter tubular hollow section horizontal rails. We manufacture panels using tubular rather than flat rails because they are much stronger. Flats can easily twist and bend, whereas the circular structure of our estate rails, makes them more resilient. 

To install our estate railings you simply need to dig the three vertical flat in-ground and fix them in place. Each of these vertical rails is 1600mm long, allowing them to be dug 600mm in-ground, which is ample for an estate railing panel that once fitted sits 1 meter above the ground. 

Once one panel is in place, you then simply dig the next panel into it, with the outer vertical flats posts butted up to one another. Using the fixings supplied you can simply connect one estate railing bay to the next. Unlike other forms of estate railings, this removes the need to weld or adjust the estate railings on site. 

In order to turn corners or cut down a panel to fit your exact size requirements, we supply end & corner posts. These posts allow you to cut off the estate railing end post where required, to supply the size of panel you require. You then add the end post, which hides where these panels have been cut as the horizontal tubular rails slot inside of the estate railing posts. 

On-Site Installation

At HERMEQ we offer an On-Site Installation service dedicated to providing top-notch fencing solutions. With a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, we guarantee an unparalleled level of expertise in every project we undertake.

Contact us our installation team via phone (01) 903 9998 or email for a quote today.

We offer turnkey solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our clients. Whether it's a nationwide deployment or a local project, our On-Site Installation service ensures a swift and professional service delivery, tailored to meet any project's timeframe.

HERMEQ stock a wide range of Garden Products including Chimeneas, Garden Fencing and Decorative Screens which are all excellent additions to domestic or commercial environments.

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