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Ground Protection Mat - Calculator

Our Ground Protection Mat calculator enables you to easily calculate the cost of covering a set area for your site.
€29.20 €35.04
€0.00 €0.00

We have three available ground mats to help you calculate costs; Safe Trak mats, Medium Duty Access Mats and Light Duty Access Mats.

Safe Trak Mats – one of the best value ground protection mats and can take weights up to 80 tonnes on medium to soft ground. These mats have a unique surface with one side being non-slip for pedestrians and the other side being a non-skid deep traction surface for vehicles. They are commonly used for moving large machinery and vehicles over soft ground in construction envrionments and at large events.

Medium Duty Access Mats – these ground protection mats are ideal for short and long term projects and are considered an essential requirement in construction, civil engineering and groundwork industries as well as outdoor events. They can take weights up ot 15-20 tonnes dpeending on the ground conditions. They have a unique diamond non-slip surface on one side and smooth for working on hard standing areas and sensitive grass on the other side.

Light Duty Access Mats – our light duty mats can take weights of up to 5 tonnes depending on the ground conditions and their flexible nature allow the mats to follow the contours of the ground to deliver highly effective access over undulating or sloping terrain.

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