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GRP Handrailing

GRP Handrails are manufactured in the Ireland & can be supplied at a finished length & pre-drilled. Saving installation time when compared with imported GRP Handrail systems.

When compared with imported systems, our GRP Handrails have two key strengths. Firstly they can be supplied at the lengths you require & they can be pre-drilled greatly reducing the time and cost of installing these GRP Handrailing systems. Secondly as we supply them to length there is no wastage. Imported GRP systems need to be cut on site, giving you a lot of labour & material waste & cost. If handrails are not designed to your site specifications then this will cost you more time & effort. 

As GRP Handrailing systems are non conductive & non corrosive they are often preferred to traditional key & clamp systems in places like rail. Although the material cost is greater than a traditional steel key clamp or timber system, GRP has a much longer life span. In environments where down time during installation are very high, installing a system that will not corrode & therefore never need to be replaced is incredibly cost-effective over time. GRP Handrailing is also beneficial around sub-stations and near live apparatus as it provides safety against electrical shorts as it is non-conductive. 

All of our GRP systems are supplied by a Ireland manufacturer so if you have any specific requirements please reach out to our team with your project details and we would be happy to help. 

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