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Multipurpose Handle


Robust, resistant, and reliable, the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is a kerb stone transportation device that is guaranteed to make the process quicker and easier.

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The Multipurpose Handle is simple in design but extremely effective when used for its intended purpose. Designed to easily assist the hand transportation of kerb stones, edging blocks, and natural stone blocks, the Multipurpose Handle makes the act of moving these objects easier and safer.

Made from sturdy steel that has been tested for endurance and suitability, the Multipurpose Kerbstone Handle is a tough and durable device guaranteed to accommodate a maximum load of 200 kg.

In order to use the Multipurpose Handle, the users take the device in hand with one person on each side, opening the jaws of the Multipurpose Kerb Handle to the required width.

The large width range of the Multipurpose Curb Handle is easily increased or decreased through the use of the easy to use cotton pins.

Once the Multi-Purpose Handle has been extended to a width that accommodates the stone being transported and the stone is within the jaws of the Multipurpose Handle, the users close the jaws in the same way they opened them, only this time pushing the handles in the opposite direction.

After the stone is confirmed to be appropriately gripped and correctly placed within the jaws of the Multi-purpose Curb Handle, the users can lift and transport the stone with ease.

The Multipurpose Handle is designed to be used in pairs and in doing so ensures the safety of the users. Always be sure to carry out risk assessments before using the Multipurpose Kerbstone Handle.

Although the Multipurpose Kerb Handle is designed to only transport stones, it is commonly used in multiple industries such as construction, landscaping, and road maintenance.

The rubber jaws present on the Universal Handle are replaceable, a feature that increases the expected product life of the handle.

When purchasing any work equipment it is always important to consider where the device has been sourced from and the reliability of the manufacturer. HERMEQ only provides products that reach the high standards expected, guaranteeing a product that is safe to use and fit for purpose.

Available for purchase online the Multipurpose Handles are sold individually with the cost listed accounting for one Kerb Stone Handle. Spare rubber jaws are sold separately.


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Load Capacity: 200 kg
Jaw Width: 0-600 mm
Internal Depth: 220 mm
Length: 200 mm
Weight: 12 kg