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Roadside & Security Wire Fencing


Roadside and Security Fencing is a robust and durable roadside and security fencing option made from premium British steel, guaranteed to withstand the unpredictable UK weather.

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The Roadside and Security fencing available via Safe Fence is the perfect way to separate roads and roadsides while remaining fitting with the surrounding scenery.
A truly robust and long-lasting fencing solution, the Road and Security Fencing has been manufactured with many potential issues taken into consideration.
One of the main concerns relating to Road-Sides, Security, and Fencing, will always be safety. The Road Security Fencing option advertised has been tailored to remain safe during installation and implication.
Once erected, the Roadside Fencing is a worthy deterrent to prevent any would-be intruders from accessing the road on the other side.
However, the Roadside and Security Fencing is not to be used as a roadside barrier. The fencing will act as a visual barrier to help prevent drivers from mounting roadsides but will not prevent cars from mounting the roadside.
If the roadside in question needs a barrier to resist potential vehicle collisions, a better selection can be found in Safe Fence's Road Side Barrier Department.
Multiple variations of the Roadside and Security Fencing are available for purchase, with each option differing in height and wire mesh pattern.
All options available have been manufactured to BS EN 10223-5 standards, with the wire produced in accordance with BS 4102 standards, and fully galvanised to meet BS EN 10244-2 Class A requirements.

Roadside and Security Fencing 11/22/15
Number of line wires: 11
Roll height: 122 cm
Distance between stay wires: 15 cm
Standard roll length: 100 metres
Maximum roll length: 500 metres

Roadside and Security Fencing 19/183/5
Number of line wires: 19
Roll height: 183 cm
Distance between stay wires: 5 cm
Standard roll length: 50 metres
Maximum roll length: 200 metres

Roadside and Security Fencing 24/242/7.5
Number of line wires: 24
Roll height: 242 cm
Distance between stay wires: 7.5 cm

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