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Steel Wall In-Ground Hoarding

Heavy Duty In-Ground Hoarding System - Use Our Calculator To Work Out The Total Price Per Meter For The Fencing Perimeter System Required
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The SteelWall fencing system is perfectly designed to make up site compound perimeter fencing. The heavy duty nature of the system makes it extremely safe for storing your goods and equipment.

The SteelWall system is made up of SteelWall Hoarding Panels that are connected to in-ground SteelWall posts using Top Hat Brackets and M10 Bolts. The system comes in both 2.0 meter and 2.4 meter heights, with in-ground posts typically being dug-in 600mm to provide enough support to prevent any damage to the panels in adverse weather conditions.

The SteelWall compound fencing system is also typically supplied with built in SteelWall Pedestrian Door Panels for civilian access and Heavy Duty Steel Vehicle Gates.

A SteelWall compound can also be finished in corporate colours to give an asthetically pleasing and professional finish. We can paint or powder coat your hoarding panels and posts to suit your requirements. Most construction and building sites opt for a painted finish because of the cost saving, however painting does not provide a perfect finish and this can run and/or chip. Powder coating is a much superior finish and is suggested where aesthetics are important.

The robust and durable nature of this system also makes it completely re-usable, meaning that you get better value for money using a SteelWall system rather than a throw away hoarding product such as Timber Site Hoarding.

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Steel Site Hoarding, Temporary Fencing, Permanent Fencing & Road Barriers conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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Width: 2.1 meters

Height: 2.0 meters / 2.4 meters

Weight: 30kg / 40kg

Finish: Galvanised / Painted (one side) / Powder Coated (one side)


0.75mm thick profiled steel cladding - two sheets overlapped in the middle and secured together with two rivets

Tek screws and spot welding secure the steel cladding to the outer frame

Channel 43mm x 35mm x 1.2mm top & bottom (8mm lip on rear to hold cladding in place and prevent rattling)


Do I Require Fencing Around My Construction Site? 


The law says you must conduct your business without putting members of the public at risk. This includes the public and other workers who may be affected by your work. The health and safety executive website ( states the following with regard to construction site boundaries: 


"You need to define boundaries physically, where necessary, by suitable fencing. The type of fencing should reflect the nature of the site and its surroundings. Determining the boundary is an important aspect of managing public risk. 


You need to:

  • plan what form the perimeter will take;
  • provide the fencing; and
  • maintain the fencing.


Questions you need to ask yourself include:

  • What is the nature and type of the construction work? 
  • How heavily populated is the area is?
  • Who will need to visit the site during the work?
  • Will the site attract children?
  • What are the site characteristics (eg existing site boundaries, location, proximity to other buildings).


Typically, in populated areas, this will mean a two-meter high small mesh fence or hoarding around the site."


We advise people to always choose the most secure and safe temporary fencing option that they can. This way you can make sure that you comply with the necessary regulations and more importantly that you keep members of the public and your workforce safe. Hercules Hoarding is the ultimate system when it comes to doing this. It is far more durable than traditional timber hoarding, which can be subject to coming down in adverse weather conditions. The in-ground semi-permanent hoarding system that we provide doesn’t suffer from the same wind loading problems and as such is favored around high value projects and in areas that have large civilian populations.