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Scaffold Light


The Scaffold Light is a cost-effective and durable lighting device used to make scaffolding poles more visible in poor lighting conditions.

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The Scaffold Light is a low-energy LED light that makes scaffolding more visible in low lighting and poor weather condition.

Designed to prevent any potential accidents that could be caused when scaffolding is not properly visible, the Scaffold-Light reduces the chance of accidents by making scaffolding more visible.

Under Section 171, paragraph 5(a) and Section 174, paragraphs (a) and (b) of the Highways Act 1980, any barriers and fencing that is erected on streets should be properly illuminated by law to avoid accidents and injuries.

A one size fits all product. The Scaffoldlight is an attachment that attaches to all scaffolding poles through the use of its incredible half swivel fitting.

The plastic lens of the Low Energy LED is secured in place by tamper-resistant Hex security bolts to prevent the Scaffold Light from being stolen or tampered with when left unattended. The Scaffold Light comes with an additional security screwdriver with the first order.

The potential battery life of the Scaffold-Light has been increased with the addition of an ingenious daylight sensor that determines if the LED should turn on or remain off.

The Scaffold Light can be used in several industries and has already become commonplace in the construction, maintenance, and repair industries.

Suitable for use in many various weather conditions, the Scaffold-Light is capable of being used in temperatures from -20°C to 35°C, ensuring the light will be safe to use for the intended purpose even if freak weather conditions strike.

Tried, tested, and difficult to top, the Scaffolding Light available via HERMEQ is a top-of-the-range product capable of withstanding the elements while still providing the highest levels of reliability.

Available with a wide range of coloured LEDs to choose from, the Scaffold Light is available in Amber, Flashing Amber, Red, Flashing Red, White, and Flashing White.

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Scaffolding Equipment, Ladders & Jacks, Building Equipment & Accessories conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

Contact our team via phone (01) 903 9998, email or use our live chat feature between 8:00am & 17:00pm for help discovering our range.

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Contact our team via phone 01-8063798, email or use our live chat feature between 8:00am & 17:00pm for help discovering our range.

Height: 90 mm 

Length: 125 mm (On fixing arm) 

Diameter: 90 mm 

Width: 135 mm 

Weight: 1.5 kg 

Flash rate: 80 per minute 

Lens diameter: 50 mm 

Fittings: Half Swivel 

Voltage: 3V 

Light intensity: 27.64 lumens 

Light frequency: 589 nm 

Power supply: 2 x C-type (Batteries) 

Expected battery life: 12 months minimum / 8000+ hours 

Outer casing: 3mm thick passified steel 

Working temperatures: -20°C to 35°C