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Workzone Temporary Lighting


The Workzone Temporary Lighting is an easy-to-use and relocate temporary lighting solution suitable for industrial use.

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The Workzone Temporary Lighting Light is an extremely efficient Temporary Lighting solution that is guaranteed to improve the safety of all persons on site, increasing visibility and minimising the chance of accidents occurring.

The Temp-Lighting Light can be used in most locations and scenarios as it is battery-operated. This choice of rechargeable power source has not influenced the powerful light stream that is generated by the Temporary Lighting but has removed the presence of wires or the need for a plug-in power source.

The impressive battery strength of the Temporary Light is powerful enough to allow the Temp-Lighting to last for up to 12 hours, depending on the lamp setting selected.

The Workzone Temporary Lighting has three lamp settings to choose from, each of which has different durations. At 100% the Temp-Lighting can last up to three hours, at 50% up to six hours, and at 25% up to twelve hours, generating up to 4,500 lumens.

Alongside a selection of lamp settings to choose from, the Temporary Lighting also has four different application solutions to choose from, the freestanding base, conical tube, beam attachment, and rough terrain attachment.

The Workzone Temporary-Lighting is a freestanding light and can be rotated regardless of the attachment chosen, allowing the Temp-Light to be directed wherever lighting is required.

Manufactured for industrial use, the Temporary Lighting Light is suitable for use in construction, manufacturing, engineering, and any other industry where there is a need for a temporary light source.

Easy to use and install, the design of the Workzone Temp-Light makes the process of installation as simple as possible. A simple interlocking pole system partnered with an easy-to-secure lamp fixing makes the process as straightforward and less time-consuming as many other alternative products available for purchase.

Although the Temporary Lighting has been designed to be easy to relocate, the Temporary Light remains robust and durable enough to withstand the rigours of everyday working environments. This consideration has been sufficiently met as the Temp-Light has been manufactured using Bright Zinc Plated steel with electroplating.

The features on the Workzone Temporary Lighting even take into consideration the impact on the environment as the Temporary Lighting removes the need for harmful emissions through the use of the rechargeable battery, reducing the carbon footprint created.

HERMEQ highly recommends the use of the Workzone Temporary Lighting for construction site use. As with many products available for purchase via HERMEQ, the Temporary-Lighting has the HERMEQ seal of approval.


Workzone Temporary Lighting Freestanding

Weight: 10.5 kg

Height: 2664 mm

Workzone Temporary Lighting Base Plate

Weight: 10.7 kg

Height: 6 mm

Workzone Temporary Lighting Steel Frame Adaptor

Weight: 4 kg

Height: 3 mm

Workzone Temporary Lighting Groundwork Adapter

Weight: 2.6 kg

Height: 510 mm


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