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Bulk Bag Carrier


Bulk Bag Carriers make the process of lifting full or semi-filled bulk bags and sandbags quicker and easier.

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Bulk Bag Carriers are simple yet effective means of relocating heavy or bulky bags quickly and safely using standard forklifts or telehandlers. Cleverly designed for ease of use and long-lasting reliability, Bulk Bag Carriers are cleverly designed to reduce the potential risk of damage to bags thanks to their extended load centre and built-in fork pockets. Commonly used in warehousing and construction, Bag Carrier Attachments have many uses, each saving the user time and money.

In order to use a Bulk Bag Carrier, begin by first conducting an in-depth risk assessment of the equipment and environment being used. Once appropriate safety checks have been conducted and it is deemed safe, the Bulk Bag Carrier can be mounted to the forklift or telehandler. 

To begin mounting the Bulk Bag-Carrier Attachment onto the forks of the chosen vehicle, start by positioning the forks the required distance apart to correspond with the forklift pockets of the Stone Bag Lifter. Remove the zinc plated heel pins from the Bag Carrier before driving the forks into the forklift pockets of the attachment. Once the forks are correctly inserted into the forklift pockets, reinsert the heel pins behind the heel of the fork and use the safety lynch in the appropriate hole to secure in place. The Bulk Bag Carrier is now ready to use.

The lifting straps of the bag intended for lifting should be hung over the four lifting lugs present on the Bag-Carrier, ensuring they are correctly in place before using the forklift to navigate and control the relocation of the load.
Regular maintenance of the Bulk Bag Carrier should be conducted to ensure the safety and efficiency of the attachment, guarding against any potential accidents or injuries that could be caused by not following the correct upkeep procedures.

Weekly checks should cover the following areas:

All weld points, fork pockets, heel pin attachments, and damaged or worn components should be checked for general wear and tear with any damages reported and repaired immediately.

As with most forklift attachments, general surface rusting can become an issue and should be treated regularly with paint, primers, and proprietary inhibitors on a regular basis.

The Bulk Bag Carrier is certified for up to six months from the date of manufacture. Once this date has passed it is the customer's responsibility to have the Bag-Carrier re-tested by the appropriate testing authority. 

In order to use the Fork Mounted Bulk Bag Carrier whilst adhering to beneficial health and safety procedures, the following tasks should always be completed:

The equipment and environment being used should always be checked for suitability, with careful observation being given to the condition of surfaces and equipment.

The maximum load capacity of all equipment and vehicles being used should never be exceeded as they are not designed to carry loads larger than this and doing so will cause the chance of accidents to rise dramatically.

The Bulk Bag Carrying Attachment and heel pins should always be checked to ensure they are correctly and securely attached when in use. Failure to do so could cause the load to break free during use, potentially resulting in serious accidents or injury.

While the heel pins should be securely fastened while lifting loads, the heel pins should NOT be in place while the forks of the vehicle are entering the forklift pockets of the Bag Carrier.

When lifting loads, the load should be lifted vertically avoiding angular lifts at all costs. The attachment should only be used with a vehicle maintaining suitable speed and direction in order to prevent the load from swinging. The mast must also remain in the vertical position at all times.

The Bulk Bag Carrier should never be shock-loaded under any circumstances as it has not been designed to lift weight in that manner and the act of doing so increases the chance of accidents and damage to the attachment.



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Bulk Bag Carrier 1000 kg
Max load capacity: 1000 kg
Load centre: 885 mm
Max fork: 125 mm x 50 mm
Fork spread: 600 mm
Weight: 72 kg

Bulk Bag Carrier 2000 kg
Max load capacity: 2000 kg
Load centre: 885 mm
Max fork: 125 mm x 50 mm
Fork spread: 600 mm
Weight: 72 kg