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Heavy Duty Utility Barrier


A highly visible utility barrier that acts as a temporary barrier whilst utility works takes place. Protecting pedestrians from harm and providing a working space for users, this heavy-duty utility barrier is highly resistant to damage, lasting 8 times longer than uPVC planks. Wind resistant from Classes A-C (up to 61.6mph). Temporary lights can be attached into the top to provide light when working in dimmer conditions. BSEN8442 & BSEN12899-1 certified.

Available in widths: 1.25m & 2m | Base: Standard or Anti-Trip | Height: 1170mm | Weight: 7.95KG

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Perfect for implementing on roads when utility works are taking place this heavy duty utility barrier is a highly durable temporary barrier system that provides both a visual warning and wind protection for users and pedestrians. Made to be long lasting and durable the utility barrier can last 8 times longer than uPVC planks can withstand Class A-C wind speeds (with ballasts) allowing the barrier to withstand wind speeds up to 61.6mph with a ballast weight of 20KG.

Made from 100% recycled materials the barrier comprises of 8 planks, 4 posts and 4 feet. The feet are available in standard or anti-trip types, both which fit securely over the post and can be stacked upon each other to create a stronger base formation. The posts are high enough that a temporary lamp can be attacked into the top, providing light in dimmer working conditions. The planks are extremely durable, made from virgin HDPE, and provides the barrier with its long lasting 8x durability.

Note: Standard bases are square. Anti-trip bases are triangle shaped.

Fully customisable, the utility barrier can be configured to create seamless temporary barrier systems. Whether that be a straight line, a bigger box section, or 2 box sections the barrier components work together to create an endless amount of systems and designs. e.g. 2 feet, 2 upright posts and 2 planks can create a temporary road barrier.


A highly visible plank used to create the heavy duty utility barrier. Manufactured from Virgin HDPE this plank is extremely durable, lasting 8 times longer than a uPVC plank. Adaptable to fit other barrier systems the plank has a 2-prong connection allowing it to slot into posts.

Upright Post

An upright post that holds the heavy duty utility barrier planks together. Slotted into the base (foot) of the barrier these posts are used to create a temporary barrier system within the utility industry and provides a strong framework for utility barriers. With a 2-prong connection allowing it to slot easily, these posts can withstand impact and is designed to fit snugly onto bases. Temporary lights can be attached on top to provide light in dimmer working conditions.

Base (Feet)

The base of the heavy duty utility barrier. Available in either standard (square) or anti-trip (triangle) these bases carry the foundation of the barrier, holding the structure and making the barrier easier to lift and handle. Extremely durable these bases can be stacked upon each other to fortify the barrier more.

Product Features:

  • Used on roads when utility work is taking place
  • Wind resistant from Class A-C (up to 61.6mph)
  • Available with anti-trip or standard feet – both which can be doubled up
  • Durable planks - Lasts 8x longer than uPVC planks

Product Dimensions

Overall HeightOverall WeightBase WidthPlank WidthPost WidthPlank DepthBase DepthPost Depth
1170mm7.95KG450mm1.25m, 2.0m100mm30mm450mm100mm

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