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Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle


Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is a kerb stone lifting device with a lift ring suitable for lifting 500 kg with almost any crane hoist.

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The Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handleis a kerb stone lifting device designed to lift heavy stones manually or with the aid of cranes. Efficient at transporting kerbstones, edging blocks, and natural stone, the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is a multipurpose handle capable of lifting various objects.

Manufactured to the highest standards, the heavy-duty Kerb Stone Lifter is made from sturdy steel that has been rigorously tested to ensure that it guarantees a maximum load capacity of 500 kg.

The catch mechanism present on the Multipurpose Handle has been designed to make the process of transporting kerb stones as easy as possible when using a crane.

In order to use the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle with a crane, the user must first adjust the attach the Kerb Lifter to the crane hoist making sure that it is secure.

Next, the clamp range must be adjusted to accommodate the size of the stone being lifted. The process of adjusting the clamp range is rather straightforward due to the easy-to-use wing nuts.

Firstly the wing nuts are loosened before being pulled out. Once the wing nuts have been released, the telescopic jaws are to be adjusted to the appropriate clamping range.

When repositioned, the telescopic jaws must be lined up symmetrically and no further than 20 mm away from the load to work correctly and provide the safety levels given in the manufacturer guidelines.

After the following steps have been taken, the wing nuts must be securely fixed into the appropriate holes and tightened as required.

The Kerb Handle can then be positioned over the centre of the load, where the unlocking lever should be lifted until the jaws are in contact with the stone being moved.

Final checks should be made to ensure the secure lifting of the load. Once it is certain that the load is secure the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is ready to relocate the load.

Upon relocation, the Multipurpose Handle opens automatically once the load has been set down, before automatically locking, allowing the curb lifter to be safely lifted.

When using heavy equipment such as the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle health and safety should always be the main concern as the lifting on heavy loads could cause serious injury if not performed correctly.

In order to remain as safe as possible when using the Kerb-Lifter, HERMEQ recommends wearing the following Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Hard hat
  • Hi-Vis clothing
  • Steel toecap boots

HERMEQ supplies a number of the products listed above, some of which are industry-leading, providing incredibly high levels of protection and visibility such as the FD15 - Eden Safety Boot S3 HRO CI HI FO and 07179-470-171 Mascot Olinda Hi-Vis Trousers.

Designed for use in various industries, the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is used in the construction, landscaping, and road maintenance industries.

The rubber-lined jaws of the Lifter are replaceable. This is extremely beneficial in terms of minimising costs and increasing product life expectancy.

Another important task that must be undertaken when using the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is regular and efficient maintenance. The maintenance should include the following tasks:

Weekly checks:

Screws and bolts must be checked to ensure they are as tight as they should be.
The telescopic jaws must be checked to ensure they are still suitable for purpose as they can wear down over time, with dirt and debris also influencing performance.

Monthly checks:

All bolts, joints, and guides must be greased to ensure smooth and easy movement.

Yearly checks:

Thorough checks of all parts to ensure there are no damages or issues relating to load endurance.
Those performing the safety checks should be sure to check for cracks, rust, worn parts, or any other safety concerns there could be through general wear and tear and ageing.

HERMEQ has always been dedicated to sourcing and supplying the most efficient and user-friendly equipment available. This level of commitment has guaranteed that products such as the Multipurpose Handle are fit for purpose.

Available for purchase online the Multipurpose Kerb Stone Handle is sold individually with the cost listed accounting for one Kerb Lifter. Spare rubber jaws are sold separately.


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Load Capacity: 500 kg
Effective Jaw Width: 50-570 mm
Weight: 29 kg