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Crane Drum Tilter


The Crane Drum Tilter is a forklift-mounted crane attachment that aids the transportation and relocation of plastic and steel drums, using the ingenious tilting function.

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The Crane Drum Tilter is a drum transportation attachment for forklifts and telehandlers that makes the drum relocation process much easier with drum tilting features.

Available in two models, the Crane Drum Tilter can be purchased with either a crank handle or loop chain control. Each option has been designed to maximise efficiency in work environments where space is limited.

Depending on the customer's work requirements, the crank handle or loop chain will be the better option. If a low-level discharge control is the best choice for the situation, then the crank handle option should be selected. If an elevated discharge control is required, then the looped chain is the perfect option to choose.

While each option differs in the way they are controlled, both the crank handle and loop chain options are easy to use and follow similar operation methods.

Before using the Crane Drum Tilter attachment, always conduct a risk assessment to determine if the Drum-Tilter is safe to use in the intended work environment.

Following a successful risk assessment, the first step is to use the appropriate lifting equipment to suspend the Drumtilter from the lifting eye.

Once the Crane Mounted Drum Tilter is secure, the pressed hoop should be rotated until it is horizontal with the finished floor level.

Approach the intended drum and position the pressed half hoop between the two centre ribs of the drum. Ensure that the three slide prevention plates are also within the ribs.

Follow this by inserting each strap into the ratchet and pull them tightly. Once both straps have been tightened, check that they allow a minimum of two spindle rotations and a maximum of three rotations before snapping them into the ratchet housing.

The Crane Drum Tilter attachment is now ready for use.

To ensure the health and safety of those using the Drum Tilter, regular maintenance checks should be conducted focusing on the following:

General wear and tear of all components.

All weld points should be checked for damage or any issues that may influence the structural integrity of the Drum-Tilter.

Ratchet straps should be checked for any tears or cuts that could cause them to break when lifting loads.

If the straps have come into contact with any chemicals or excessive heat, they should be checked and replaced where necessary. 

The bearing and gearbox should be checked to ensure they are secure and pose no risk to the use of the Crane Drum Tilter. They should also be lightly greased regularly and kept free of debris.

Rust damage checks should be conducted and any signs of rusting should be treated with paint, primers, and proprietary inhibitors.

Any damages or issues for concern should be reported and fixed upon being found.

The Crane Drumtilter is certified for six months from the manufacture date. Once this date has passed it is the customer's responsibility to have the Drum-Tilter checked and recertified by the appropriate authority.

To further benefit the health and safety of those using the Crane-Drum-Lifter, the following rules should be adhered to:

The machinery and Crane Mounted Drum Tilter should be checked to ensure they are capable of lifting the intended load and that the intended load does not exceed their maximum load capacity.

Only vertical lifts should be made using the Crane Drum Tilter, and angular lifts should not be conducted using the Drum Tilter in any situation.

Shock loading should never be used as a loading method as the Drum-Tilter has not been designed to withstand shock loading.

  • The Crane Drum Tilter Attachment benefits from the following features:
  • The heavy-duty gearbox is extremely durable allowing drums to be locked in place and kept at any angle required.
  • The Crane Drumtitler boasts three-point mechanical restraints to secure the drum in place.
  • Health and safety have been further considered in the design of the Crane-Lift Drum-Tilter as the Tilter has been painted bright orange to make it more easily visible.



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Crane Drum Lifter with Crank Handle:

Max Load Capacity: 360 kg

Weight: 50 kg

C of G: 50 mm

Type of Control: Crank Handle


Crane Drum Lifter with Looped Chain:

Max Load Capacity: 360 kg

Weight: 75 kg

C of G: 50 mm

Type of Control: Looped Chain