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Road Forms - Rigid


Round edged rigid road forms - used in the construction of ground-slabs, roadways, foundations and drives. All of our 3 meter long x 4mm thick Round edge road forms are manufactured using a stronger & cleaner pressed section. We press our forms twice to give a cleaner Rounded finish and make our road forms more durable. 

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Road Forms are ideal for use in the construction of ground-slabs, roadways, foundations and drives. All of our 3 meter long x 4mm thick road forms are round edge rigid, although the cheaper flexible road forms are available to buy from HERMEQ upon request. Together rigid and flexible road forms offer a simple form of concrete shuttering used in the formation of concrete slabs and floor.

Approx Depth (mm) Depth (inch) Length (mtr) Weight (kg)
100 4 3 21
150 6 3 26
200 8 3 32
250 10 3 36

**Road Form holes are 26mm dia**

We supply a range of depths to suit your requirement, the depth of the road form required is determined by the thickness of the slab required / depth of concrete to be poured. Road forms are held in place by using road form stakes, which can simply be added to your order with the click of a button. Three road stakes are normally required for each road form and once driven home, through the lock housing, they lock into place holding the road form firmly in position. The road form stakes are inserted into the apex of the lock housing. They are then driven into the ground to hold them in place. It is important that you then hit the larger end of the housing wedge in order to lock the road form in place against the road form stake. If this is not done the road form may move leaving a substandard finish. In order to remove these road form stakes we offer a road form stake extractor as they can be difficult to remove once hammered and locked into place.

Unfortunately we do not offer a hire service on our road forms, and it can be quite hard to find a local depot that you can hire road forms from. That's why we've made them as cheap as we can to purchase and made sure that we can deliver them anywhere in the UK.

Alongside rigid and flexible road forms, we also offer a few accessories that can be useful to have. Road forms are 3 meters long and can be heavy and difficult to handle and store. In order to make this easier and safer we invented the road form stillages. These stillages hold up to 25 road forms and are easily stackable onto one another. Fit with forklift guides and removable arms they are perfect for transporting and storing road forms. Losing road form stakes is also a common issue. Although individually the road form stakes are not expensive, losing these over a period of time can be very costly and have operational effects as you can not undertake the work you need to. To help overcome this we also offer a road form stake storage bin.

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Road Forms, Groundworks, Ground Mats & Road Plates conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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All of our Square Edge Rigid Road Forms are supplied in 3.0m lengths. 
The Road Form Sliders are the key compatibility issue. Our road form sliders are:
4" - 50mm
6" - 65mm
8" plus - 100mm
All of our road form stakes are 22mm dia x 600mm.
Road Forms dowel size is 22".