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Mechanical Well Ring Lifter


Mechanical Well Ring Lifters improve the process of load relocation, making it quicker, easier, and safer.

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The Mechanical Well Ring Lifter is designed to safely aid the transportation of Well Rings, featuring two fully automated grabs with serrated contact pads that work independently to each other in order to lift and move Well Rings of 900-1800mm in width and 200kg in weight.

The Mechanical Well-Ring Lifter uses a fully automatic mechanism to allow it to lift rings of different sizes with ease and is suitable for attachment on either a forklift or HIAB. Other standard features include external handles and chain retention.

The Mechanical Well-Ring Lifter uses a fully automatic mechanism to allow it to lift rings of different sizes with ease. It is painted bright orange for safety and visibility, adding an additional element of safety and security as standard.

Commonplace on construction sites, the Well Ring Attachment for forklifts makes the process easier a more time-efficient. As an optional feature, the Mechanical Well Ring Lifter can be fitted with a floor-mounted stand that can be purchased separately to further aid the process.

Before using a Well Ring Lifting Attachment, an in-depth risk assessment should be conducted with all damages and concerns being addressed immediately.

To begin using the Lifter, the Lifter must be set up correctly before it can be used to move Well Rings. Begin by positioning the fork attachments to the correct distance to correspond with the forklift pockets present. Set to a suitable distance before driving the forks into fork pockets and tightening the thumbscrews in the desired location.

Before attaching the Well Ring Lifter to the Well Ring, lift the attachment to waist level, removing the pin in each before positioning them to suit the diameter of the selected Well Ring. Once this task has been completed, the location pins can be reinserted.

Ensuring the mast of the forklift is vertical, lift the Ring Lifting Attachment above the Well Ring, when placed in the correct position lower the attachment onto the Well Ring, until both grabs collapse which will unlock them.

In order to securely attach the serrated contact pads, lift the attachment at a steady speed until all 4 contact pads grip the Well Ring and it lifts clear of the ground. When using the Well Ring Attachment, to ensure the Well Ring and attachment are operating at their centre of gravity some back tilt will be required to level out the forks.

Once this is done, the Well Ring is ready to be loaded onto transportation.
Once the Well Ring is in position to be released, lower the attachment until the Well Ring meets the floor and then continue to lower the attachment until the grabs collapse again, this will ensure the grabs lock into their open position allowing the attachment to be lifted with no contact on the Well Ring.

The Mechanical Well Ring Lifters has a certification period of 6 months from the date of manufacture, after this period of time it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the product is retested and certified at either an approved testing facility or inspected by a competent person as advised by HSE. Any damage or failure of the lifter should be reported or immediately fixed prior to the lifter being used again.

The Mechanical Well Ring Lifter requires weekly maintenance for general condition. Checks should cover welding points, lifting eyes, damaged components, locks, and latches which should be kept lightly greased with the security of nuts, bolts, and contact pads given extra attention.
Any surface rust especially in any areas deemed critical to the operation of the lifter should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers, and paint regularly.

Ensure the risks to the health and safety of any person using the lifter, swinging of attachment are kept to a minimum by controlling speed round corners and in order to avoid negative gravity avoid using the attachment over any potholes and rough terrain.

As mentioned previously in operation advice when lifting the Well Rings ensure the Ring Lifting Attachment is working on the centre of gravity of the intended load. To prevent trapping hands and fingers should be kept clear at all times of any moving parts of the attachment. The grabs should never be shock loaded as this may result in the attachment losing the load and finally to ensure the release mechanism correctly rotates always make sure the grab is fully closed between operations.


Mechanical Well Ring Lifter

Ring range: 900 mm to 1800 mm

Maximum fork section: 125 mm x 50 mm

Capacity: 2000 kg

Weight: 200 kg

C of G: 900 mm


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