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Water Filled Barrier - 800mm

The 800mm high anti-trip water filled separator, also known as the Buddha Barrier due to its unique shape, is the very first of it's kind to come to market and is a truly revolutionary traffic management product.
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The HERMEQ Anti-Trip Water Filled Separator, also known as the Buddha Barrier, is the first of its kind on the market in the Ireland. This revolutionary traffic management product takes all of the pros from other water filled barriers currently on the market and blends them into one unique product. These anti-trip road separators will stand up when empty, adding water increases their capacity to 27.2kg. At 800 mm in height, it creates a safer environment for pedestrians than traditional Water Filled Separators, as well as this, the HERMEQ Anti-Trip Water Filled Separator can be fitted with a metal fence panel that creates a barrier over 1.8 m in height.


  • Stable & Secure stacking.
  • Completely Anti-Trip.
  • Connect to one another using the S-Clip.
  • Concave area can be used for spoil placement.
  • Two can be faced together over exposed holes & damaged manhole covers.
  • Capacity to hold 22 litres bringing the complete weight to 27.2 kg.
  • Automatic overflow indication prevents overfilling.
  • Manufactured from HDPE & 100% recyclable.
  • Can be positioned at a connection of over 270°.
  • Hole & Bung can be supplied if required for drainage.
  • Forklift entry.
  • Patented Product.
  • Nameplate area 300 x 165 mm

Multitude Of Uses

Use As A Road / Traffic Delineator: On many demolition and construction sites water fill road barriers are used to separate road traffic and vehicles from pedestrianised areas. The anti-trip water filled separator at 800mm high present a better barrier when trying to separate the two. It also addresses a potential health and safety concern by making sure that there is no potential trip hazard on the pedestrianised side of the water filled plastic barriers. These anti-trip water-filled barriers are also unique in that, inclusive within the base price, they have hi-visibility reflective strips on both sides of the barrier. As construction work often goes on late into the night this is a key safety feature. It makes sure that the plastic barrier fence line is visible to vehicles on site at all times.

Use As A Pedestrian Barrier: The plastic water fill barrier is extremely useful as a pedestrian barrier, to separate members of the public from potential safety concerns. The main strengths this plastic barrier has over its competitors is its height and its flexibility. At 800mm high, it is the highest plastic water fill barrier in its category, and with prices the same if not lower than other water fill barriers it effectively gives you a height advantage at no extra cost. Add onto this a 1000mm mesh fence extension and standing at 1800mm you have a plastic water fill road barrier that is almost double the height of its competitors. As well as giving you a safety and security advantage, due to its height, the HERMEQ anti-trip water filled road barrier is also the most practical on the market for marking out pedestrianised zones. The plastic water barrier has an incredible 270 degree range of connectivity. This means that the plastic barrier line can be molded to perfectly fit the path that you want pedestrians to follow. You are not restricted in your layout by the limitations of the water filled separators, like you are with many competitors.

Use For Securing Trenches: The anti-trip water filled separator is ideal for lining trenches. It is extremely popular amongst utility companies because of the possibility to use the barriers shape to provide a spoil area. The material dug out of the trench can be place under the one side of the barrier. This provides not only a neat way to expose of material, whilst digging trenches, but the material put into the barrier also re-enforces and strengthens the barrier fence line. This increase the wind resistance of the barriers and present a formidable barrier to guard against civilians falling into the trench.

Use As Protective Manhole & Excavation Works Cover: The barriers are able to connect to one another whilst facing each other. This means that they can provide a good form of hole protection for excavations and maintenance works. Placed around a small hole in a two or a four, and filled with water, these barriers offer the perfect protection against members of the work force or civilians being caught out by ongoing ground works.

Unrivalled Features

Transportation & Stacking: Due to their unique patent protected design, HERMEQ’s anti-trip water filled barriers stack neatly inside of one another. This means that they can maximise storage and transportation space. The plastic barriers are also incredibly sturdy when stacked inside of one another. Having an easily stackable water filled barrier is often overlooked, but in terms of practicality it is a key feature to be considered when choosing between water fill barriers.

Compatibility: The anti-trip barrier is extremely compatible with a range of our traffic management and road equipment. The road barrier used the same clip as our Wonder Wall traffic barrier and our Tuff traffic barrier. This means that if required the anti-trip water fill barrier can be placed in and amongst a more diverse traffic management system. Together these products should allow you to transfer between sectors with different requirements, without having any breaks in your plastic traffic barrier system.

Filling & Emptying: Filing the plastic barrier with water is incredibly easy, the holes into which the mesh fence panels slot into at the top of the plastic road barrier also act as filling stations. Simply fill the water barrier up to the fill line on the base using a hose, which should take seconds. Alternately for a more permanent and heavier base you could also use the filling holes in the plastic barrier to add sand or another form of ballast to the barrier. This would provide a heavier base and therefore a better routed road barrier, to protect against adverse weather conditions compromising the fence line. Emptying the water from the barrier is even easier than filling. Due to its unique shape you simply need to lay the plastic barrier down on its front (flat side). Gravity will then do the rest of the work as the water naturally drains from the barrier. Once the majority of the water, and therefore weight, is out of the barrier simply tip it up right to remove the remaining water.


For a smaller, but sturdy, water filled barrier then take a look at our heavy duty water fill traffic barrier. These road barriers are only 560mm tall, but once filled with water they weight a whopping 55kg. Although they lack a lot of the 800mm water separators unique & revolutionary features, for everyday use they present a great alternative for road delineation and separation. They are commonly used for as a more semi-permanent solution due to their weight.

For a chapter 8 compliant road barrier then look no further than our plastic road barrier. We supply these at an incredibly discounted price and they are one of our most popular products due to their simple, yet effective design.

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Water Filled Barriers, Traffic Management Equipment, Road Barriers & Road Signs conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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Height: 800mm - (can add metal fence to 1.8m high) 

Width: 1040mm 

Depth: 280mm 

Weight Empty: 5.5kg 

Weight Filled: 27.5kg (capacity 22 litres of water) 

Connects to plastic road barriers using the famous S-Clip 

Manufactured using HDPE & 100% recyclable