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Telehandler Tipping Skip (Auto Lock)

Tele Skips, also known as telehandler skips, are specially designed to automatically lock onto & release from the floating forks on a telehandler when in use. The Telehandler simply drives its forks into the telehandler skip. The tipping skip then automatically locks to the forks with the aid of a gas strut. The telehandler skip can then be raised and tipped over whilst connected to the telehandler forks, allowing the waste to be emptied.
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The Auto Telehandler Tipping Skip is the latest innovation in the Tipping Skip market, that aims to keep the driver of the Telehandler in the safety of his cab at ALL times. The Auto Telehandler Tipping Skip automatically locks and unlocks behind the floating fork heels using a gas strut, rather than using the traditional safety chain that forklift tipping skips have. Once loaded with waste material the Telehandler tipping skips are raised and tipped using the Telehandler arm itself. There is no pivot or self-tipping mechanism required on a Telehandler tipping skip. 

Telehandler tipping skips are slowly taking over from the traditional forklift tipping skips in environments such as on new build construction sites, where telehandlers are present and health and safety is vitally important. We are so confident in the quality of all of our tipping skips and the benefits of our telehandler tipping skips that we offer free demonstrations and trials of our tipping skips to house builders. We are convinced that once you have used our tipping skips for a week you will be convinced that they are not only the most advanced tipping skip on the market, but also that the quality of the manufacturing and durability of the skip also makes them the best value for money tipping skips available in the Ireland 

It is worth noting that our auto lock tele skips can be transported with one tipping skip inside another. This means that you will pay the same transportation fee regardless if you buy one tipping skip or two. Buying two tipping skips at once will allow you to make the most of your transportation cost. 

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Auto Telehandler Tipping Skip advantages over conventional tipping skips are:

  • Automatically lock/unlocks from behind the fork heels
  • No safety retaining chain required
  • Driver ALWAYS in the safety of the cab
  • Controlled tipping from within the cab
  • No hydraulic hoses to attach
  • Less wear & tear to both the Tipping Skip and Telehandler
  • Easy maintenance

Our Auto Telehandler Tipping Skip are manufactured in the United Kingdom using a 3mm mild steel plate body with a reinforced angle top and a one way entry base frame in 5mm steel plate. The Auto Telehandler Tipping Skips are also fitted with auto locking to forks, assisted by a gas strut. Note - these gas struts are protected by a bolt on steel guard. 

All of our Auto Telehandler Tipping Skips are C.E. Marked and come complete with full operating instructions. 

We also have a range of Forklift Self-Tipping Skip &  Heavy Duty Tipping Skip available to buy direct from the HERMEQ website. 


What is the difference between a Forklift Tipping Skip & a Telehander Tipping Skip? 

Our heavy-duty forklift tipping skips & forklift-self tipping skips are designed to be lifted and tipped using a forklift. They are fitted with safety chains, which are secured to the forklift. They sit on a pivot and once the latch is released on the back of the tipping skip they roll forward emptying their contents. They are then self-righted and the latch secures them back into place. In comparison the telehandler tipping skip is designed to work on a telehandler. As such there is no need for a tipping mechanism, spring or safety chain. Instead the telehandler fork enter the telehandler skip and the gas strut on the back of the telehandler tipping skip automatically locks the skip to the forks. The contents of a telehandler tipping skip are emptied, not by the skip rolling forward, but instead by the telehandler tipping the entire skip by leaning forward. 

Telehandler tipping skips are becoming increasingly popular on building sites where telehandlers are present. This is because with a forklift tipping skip the driver has to step out of the forklift in order to release the tipping latch and this creates a potential health and safety hazard if not monitored correctly. In comparison as the telehandler physically tips the entire telehandler tipping skip, there is no need for the telehandler operator to ever leave the safety of their cab. 

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