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U Piles - ThyssenKrupp


U-shaped steel sheet piles have been some of the most used & trusted piles in the world for year. HERMEQ offer a range of different profiles to suit your demands and these u-shaped steel piles can be supplied in various lengths. Also known as larssen interlocking sheet piles, the segments with indented profiles (troughs) interlock to form a wall with alternative indents and outdents. The troughs help to strengthen the sheet piles & increase their resistance to bending. 

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U Section hot rolles steel sheet pile sections, incorporating the well-known and efficient Larssen interlocks, are used in the foundation of pits, coastline strengthening, bridge construction, piers, tide control, flood protection, agriculture irrigation, water reservoirs and other work requiring extremely strong support in a narrow geometry.


  • Each segment is flipped 180° versus the preceding segment. The segments lock together using a variety of interconnections.
  • The fully assembled structure is formed in a linear, circular, or other shape.
  • To reduce the filtering space, mixed sealant is injected. Additionally, it may be combined with the use of dowels, metal beams and pipes.
Piling from stock in grades S270GP up to S390GP are cut to length and supplied with a standard slinging hole or if required, special slinging holes to suit installation. Associated products of walings, tie-rods, H-beams, rebar and tubes and heavy-wall pipes are also available and this extensive combination of products provides customers with a single point of contact in the industry for all of their project needs.
ProfileB (mm)H (mm)T (mm)S (mm)Weight (kg/m)Weight (kg/m2)Moment of Inertiea (cm4/m)

Elastic Section Modulus (cm2/m)

Plastic Setion Modulus (cm3/m)ClassEC : Part 5
L601 (S355GP)6003107.56.446.878.0115307458363
L602 (S355GP)6003108.28.053.489.0128708309642
L603 (S355GP)6003109.78.264.8108.018600120013003
L604 (S355GP)60038010.09.073.8123.030400160018623
L605 (S355GP)60042012.59.083.5139.242420202023402
L606 (S355GP)60043514.49.294.2157.054375250028202
L607 (S355GP)60045219.010.6114.0190.072320320036202
*B - Width
*H - Depth
*T - Thickness of Flange
*S - Thickness of Web

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Trench Sheets, Groundworks, Trench Covers & Road Plates conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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